Fall Madness

As the leaves turn lovely shades of orange and red, and Halloween approaches, fall madness is in full swing. Halloween hype is everywhere. Candy is being sold out by the pounds and I can’t keep the trickling thought from the back of my mind…Thanksgiving is almost here. I’m typically not one to jump holidays. It drives me bananas when Christmas tchotchkes go out before Halloween even approaches. However, this particular year, I’m psyched for all of it ~ especially Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law and I have slowly started taking over the holidays and when we do, we go big. We invite the ENTIRE family. Her family, my family, in-law’s family, everyone. No one is excluded and we absolutely love it. So that being said, this is my year. I’ve already started adding Thanksgiving orders to my typical Halloween orders, buying for both holidays and it’s so much fun. With the crisp chill in the air and leaves falling everywhere, Fall Madness is officially here. Place your orders now before it all clears out ~ whether you’re buying for your Halloween table or your Thanksgiving Gobble, get it while the gettin’ is good!

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