Wallpaper Wednesdays

As many of you know, I have actually moved…not anywhere far, of course, we simply moved across town. It’s been surprisingly nice to have new inspiration and start preparing for the holidays in an entirely different space. We all know how little things can become mundane over time and it’s why we all flock to the same sites and stores looking for that new je ne sais quioi ~ and I am here to tell you everything is awe-inspiring. We decided if we were making this commitment again, we would learn from old mistakes and get the majority of things done as soon as we moved in. This, to me, meant all the wallpaper in the world! I kid you not ~ I actually picked out and ordered wallpaper for the entire house. I also did the same with lighting and flooring but the wallpaper, was my absolute favorite, hence why we must absolutely celebrate Wallpaper Wednesdays.

We take a break from our usual program of preparing for the upcoming holiday to shop for our next room inspiration through wallpaper ~ Enjoy!

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