Just Another Manic Monday

Cyber Monday steals the door to Black Friday once again ~ and yet we all order till our joints are sore and fingers are numb. Why does it seem once we’ve passed Halloween every Friday is Black Friday?! We search endlessly for the perfect gift, wait for the sales, and then click away. If Black Friday is supposed to be the bottom-of-the-barrel prices, then how do they have more doorbusters on Cyber Monday? 30% off becomes 40% off…and yet are we really getting 40 off? But, at the time, it all sounds like the best idea to start organizing our way to the holidays. My favorite part of the holidays IS actually giving gifts. I go through these sale rituals because I truly enjoy the moment someone watches their long-awaited wish come true before their very eyes. The excitement in one’s face when they’ve truly been surprised is one of my biggest joys. And though, I preach all year long for my children to be humble, there is nothing like the smiles on their faces when they hand over their holiday wishlist.

In our house, we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays so we are truly having the most festive time of year from October through April and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, to start off the week I’ve gathered some of my favorite cyber steals and am so excited to help you all shop away 🙂 Let the gift-buying and stocking stuffing begin!

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