New Year = Sweet New Beginnings

New Years always equals sweet new beginnings…reasons to make new resolutions, goals, and even a time of forgiveness. We do these things by gathering together and breaking bread with our loved ones as a sign of things to come. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating, of course, but Rosh Hoshana is like the opening season to the holidays and is always a reason to freshen our table linens and candlesticks with newly adorned pieces, like the jewelry of the table. We begin with the sweet apples and honey themes that lead us into turkey and eventually, Christmas and New Year roll around, but I like to stick with fall backgrounds as we slowly enter our round of celebrations. Natural elements with soft hues of greens and oranges are our backdrop. Always with a hint of blue because we can 🙂 It symbolizes new and fresh in my mind and allows us to take one theme to the next gracefully. I’ve taken the liberty of pulling some of my favorite pieces from my table and hopefully, you will add them to yours.

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