Pushing Up Daisies

To plant or not to plant ~ that is the question 🌸 While most of us are waiting till the first days of glorious May to enter upon us, some people (like myself) continue to play the game and buy flowers, only to push up the daisies 😂 Every time we have a beautiful day the aisles of flower shops, garden centers, and home improvement stores overflow. Then the dreaded freeze inevitably falls upon us until the next beautiful day and we head back out to gather more goodies. How many times will it take?! I’ve only planted my pots three times and still haven’t learned ~ the waiting game may be worth it. Even though it looks and feels gorgeous outside and is so hard to wait it out, unless you don’t mind planting and replanting like me 🤪, get your plan ready and buy the necessities. It will be worth the wait and give you enough time to gather the most beautiful pots, pillows, and plant ideas. And since I’ve now planted three times I have been able to put together some amazing potting ideas, pillow thoughts, and umbrella ideas to adorn your porches, patios, and backyards galore 💗

Pushing Up Daisies 1
Pushing Up Daisies 2
Pushing Up Daisies 3
Pushing Up Daisies 4
Pushing Up Daisies 5
Pushing Up Daisies 6
Pushing Up Daisies 7
Pushing Up Daisies 8
Pushing Up Daisies 9
Pushing Up Daisies 10
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