Strawberries on a Summer Evening

Summer is finally here! Between end of year pool parties, summer dinners, and night swimming we have been going full force and embracing these late summer hours. All the hostess shopping we’ve done during the lull has finally paid off and now we can just sit back and enjoy the fruit of our labors. I’ve found myself enjoying the quiet moments while watering flowers, reminiscing of fun times the days before and looking forward to whatever plans my children have made for me that day. Summer is our absolute favorite and we surely savor every moment. Though we still have the running around of lacrosse, field hockey, and squash, they now seem like fun breaks rather than chores. And the excitement of social schedules paves the road daily. It truly tastes like strawberries on a summer evening every day as we soak up the sun and fun, and summer and friends. Per the usual, this all comes with sweet splurges we can all enjoy.

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