The Holiday Entertaining Guide

With holidays rolling around it’s time to gather all of your warm, jewel-toned items and set up your tablescapes and vignettes. Get inspired by your surroundings and welcome your guests with varying colors of falling leaves and darker hues of dried flowers. Let this be the visual aroma for your home. I like to mix it up a bit and have various dinnerware sets mixed together to create a fun pattern play on the table. Darker palettes tend to lend themselves to more of an elegant feel, while brighter colors can add a little pop fun! And do not be afraid to layer. You may surprise yourself and your guests with your amazing sense of style by combining those florals, paisleys, and block prints this season. The more the merrier! Whatever you decide to do just know your guests will surely savor the flavor of your elevated decor and enjoy every moment of their time with you. And they will remember the sugarplums dancing in their heads 🙂

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