For the Love of Valentine’s 💕

Valentine’s Day is our traditional way of celebrating the love we have for one another 💗 Over the years, as our children grow, we come up with cheeky ways of showing how much our love grows with candies, cards, flowers, and favorite toys. We deck the walls with cut outs of hearts and the beautiful pictures our children make in school. We even spend tons of money on sweets and treats we may or may not eat. But the ones that always outlast all the trinkets and treats that eventually hit the trash are the items our loved ones have worked tirelessly on which we are able to place and admire in our most used parts of the home. These items are most precious because they are made with love. Over the years we have also tried to add a fun loving pillow here or there ~ but this year there are more possibilities than the eye can see! Beautiful ways to decorate and celebrate the day of love that even last through our next hopping holiday. Find ways to curate your next Cupid 💘 with these fun items below ~ and remember, everything can be special if it’s made or even picked out with love in mind 💕

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