Year of the Tiger πŸ…

This Lunar New Year is the year of the Tiger πŸ… It also happens to coincide with the new moon in Aquarius which gives us a double dose of fresh vibes that will aid us in severing ties with everything that can’t serve our future selves, including our home decor.

The aesthetic emphasis is on the color red, which is believed to bring fortune and ward off bad spirits. Establishing new and happy traditions at home is top priority ~ so regardless of the holiday or special occasion, selecting the color palette is a great place to start. And we all know red is one of the best accent colors!

We begin by making changes, even if it means taking risks, pursuing our passions, and seeking adventure in everything we do. As a tiger year, let’s pick things that remind us of the animal’s attributes of bravery, confidence, and strong will. We start with a fresh approach to your pop of color through pillows, throw blankets, tablescapes, and floral arrangements.

Feel free to also include color variations of red because oranges and tangerines are common staples in New Year tablescapes as they are believed to bring good fortune. So mix the reds and oranges and make sure you’re having fun in the process!

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